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Thinfinity® Remote Desktop

With Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server any Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS user can remote into Windows Desktops or work with single Windows Applications. It works with all major browsers and it's faster than ever!

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server provides a full Remote Desktop experience: listening to the sound that plays on the remote machine in real-time, mapping remote drives to easily exchange files and even printing from the remote host to the local device.

Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server is 20% faster than its previous version and now includes new attributes and features: support for Microsoft® RemoteFX™; Remote Desktop session recording; multi-touch input; and many more you will find listed in the features section.

Thinfinity® VirtualUI™

Instant GUI Remoting and Web Integration for Windows Apps

Thinfinity VirtualUI empowers developers who are confronted with a need for deep modernization of existing Windows-based apps with a dual-approach tool: instant GUI remoting and full web integration.

When it comes to GUI remoting, Thinfinity VirtualUI offers a single-line-of-code user interface remoting solution for self-developed applications, making possible to deliver them as dual-platform Windows/HTML5 apps. These applications can keep their standard Windows environment behaviour or, alternatively, be hosted on a Thinfinity VirtualUI environment to be remotely accessed from any modern web browser in a multi-user, multi-instance manner.

Regarding its full web integration capabilities, Thinfinity VirtualUI takes advantage of the newly developed JavaScript Remote Objects (jsRO) framework to facilitate two-way data integration between the application and the browser. jsRO makes this possible by enabling the creation of remotable server objects, with their properties, methods and events mirrored to the web as native JavaScript objects. Thinfinity VirtualUI makes a huge leap forward, and boosts the concept of GUI remoting with the addition of real, smooth full web integration, filling a void that no other existing remoting tool has ever addressed!

Web Terminal Emulation

Web-native Terminal Access to IBM Mainframes, AS/400, and UNIX systems from PC, Mac, Chromebooks, tablets and mobile devices.

User Oriented Design

z/Scope Anywhere leverages the flexibility and portability provided by modern technology devices to enable secure access through an intuitive, Web-based user interface.

TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack

Host Integration components for .NET, ActiveX and Delphi

TN BRIDGE Host Integration Pack (Version 3.5) is a set of components and productivity tools to extend and take advantage of already developed and tested screen-oriented host applications. It provides full connectivity to IBM S/390 and AS/400 systems through standard telnet protocols.


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